DC voltage ranges

From 100mVdc to 1000Vdc

AC voltage ranges

From 100mVac to 750Vac rms

Input protection

1000V on all ranges (HI terminal)

DC current ranges

From 100µAdc to 10Adc

AC current ranges

From 10mAac to 10Aac true rms


<2Hz to 300kHz (same voltage as Vac)

Input protection

Externally accessible 0.4A- 500V fuse
Internal 11A 1000V fuse

Resistance ranges

From 100Ohms to 100MOhms

Resistance measurement

2- & 4- wire ohms.


1000Ohms range- 0.5mA test current

Diode test

1V range- 0.5mA test current


1000 Ohms

Maths functions

Null; dBm; Db; Min/Max/Avg; Hold; Limit Test

Power supply

100/ 120/ 220/ 240Vac ±10%

Vibration and shock

IEC/EN 60086-2